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…The four major sensemaking theorists focus on different units of analysis of sensemaking in their studies. The 2×2 is an attempt to locate the different units of analysis across individual or collective locations of sensemaking, and across internalized or external applications or focus. Weick’s focus has been organizational activity (collective), and the location of sensemaking is internalized as representation of collective meaning. Dervin has a clear individual and hermeneutic approach, on the individual’s situation and their internalized subjective experience of it. Klein’s focus is the individual mental model (frame) applied to an external context or activity (how external data is represented). Russell’s information theoretic view establishes sensemaking as a collective location (an information world) largely in the service of interpreting external data. Snowden’s more evolutionary model considers sensemaking a knowledge production activity, using data toward a shared understanding of problem areas (which I call “understanding about” as a unit of analysis)…

Vist Peter Jones in his article Sensemaking Methodology: A Liberation Theory of Communicative Agency